Tulin Akin


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Name: Tulin Akin
Organization: Tabit / Tarimsal Pazarlama
Website: http://www.tabit.com.tr
Title: Co - Founder
Tülin Akın is building an information platform to act as an enabling architecture for Turkey’s three million farmer families to fully and actively participate in the economy and society. While information technologies are opening up new opportunities for sharing information and interacting in virtually every sector in Turkey, the agriculture sector and farmers themselves do not benefit from these remarkable tools. Over half of the farmers in the country (56%) have never used the internet, while only 7% of the minority groups who own a computer report using it for their work. Tülin is bringing together these two unlikely friends - Turkish farmers and information technologies – to provide them up-to-date information, know-how, skills and professional development, while also creating opportunities to reach alternative markets by bypassing traditional intermediary structures. Accessed through SMS or internet, Tarımsal Pazarlama has served over 1.200.000 farmers as a one-stop virtual resource center, marketplace, as well as to meet with other farmers, agricultural engineers, or veterinarians. Partnering with corporations, she also introduced farmer-friendly mobile phone services, credit cards, and computers with farm management software. Future plans include opening up the e-commerce part to international markets, establishing best practice 'technology villages', and starting a portal for women farmers to sell local products. Tabit / Tarımsal Pazarlama http://www.tabit.com.tr

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We offer mobile technology service education to over 1,4M farmers all over Turkey. With our mobile infrastructure we give farmers information related to their land, products; meteorology data; informing them about market prices and we have marketing network which connects them to buyers.

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We offer a mobile technology service and face to face education to over 1 million farmers all over Turkey. Through our mobile infrastructure, we give farmers vital information related to their land and products; guiding them with meteorological data; informing them about current market prices and conditions and we have a marketing network which connects them to buyers. We also travel from village to village with our 'education truck roadshow'.