Turi Munthe

Turi Munthe

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Name: Turi Munthe
Organization: Demotix
Website: http://www.demotix.com
Title: Founder, CEO
Together with a fantastic team, I founded Demotix - www.demotix.com - which seeks to democratise the way the world's news is sourced, gathered, and distributed. I, and Demotix, are true believers in free speech as a fundamental human right. Turi Munthe is CEO and Founder of Demotix – www.demotix.com – the multiple-award winning open newswire, with over 5,000 reporters in 190 countries around the world. The Telegraph describes Demotix as “Journalism for the 21st Century”, TechCrunch believes Demotix is "reinventing the newswire". Turi is English-French-Swedish and was brought up in London. He has been a publisher, editor, political analyst, lecturer, journalist and talking head. He has written for many of the world’s leading English-language newspapers, appeared on CNN, BBC, NBC, al-Jazeera, Asahi, Reuters, and elsewhere, and has lectured on new media all over the world. He is the author of the Saddam Hussein Reader. Follow him on: twitter.com/turimunthe twitter.com/demotix

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Demotix حيث النشاط فى حرية التعبير و تنوع وسائل الاعلام و مستقبل مصادر الاخبار المتصادمة.

Demotix est le lieu de rencontre entre liberté d'expression, diversité médiatique et avenir de la distribution de l'information.

Demotix é onde acontece a liberdade de expressão, diversidade de mídia e onde fontes futuras de notícias se encontram.

Demotix es donde colisionan el activismo de la libertad de expresión, la diversidad de medios y el futuro del origen de las noticias.

Demotix is where free speech activism, media diversity, and the future of news-sourcing collide. Demotix democratises the news.