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Druk Waste Collection

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Name: Druk waste collection
Organization: Druk Waste Collection
Druk Waste Collection (DWC) was established on 29th of March 2009 with its office located in the heart of Paro Town often called gate way to Bhutan. It is one of the pioneer waste management and recycling firm. DWC focuses on preserving clean and healthy environment now and future to promote the concept of GNH. We are fully committed to work with Local Government, business entities, and the community on a diverse range of environmental protection program. The culture of our business is focused around recycling waste with an absolute commitment to reducing the amount sent to landfills. We believe that this flexibility together with quality of service helps develop successful working relationships. Along with ensuring that our customers receive the cleanest and most efficient waste management services, Druk Waste Collection is proud to collect and dispose of your waste using eco-friendly standards. It is our aim to encourage responsibility, recycling and reduction whilst providing efficient, professional and cost effective solutions to industry, commercial and domestic customers.We believe that this flexibility together with quality of service helps develop successful working relationships. Paro Valley is considered as the “gateway to Bhutan”. The moment one lands at the Paro International Airport you are greeted by the charming valley with its wide valleys, green forest and Blue River. Being one of the finest tourist destinations, Paro is home to many sacred and important historical and religious monuments and sites. Tourists just wish to visit the world famous Tiger’s Nest temple and enjoy the low-profile Paro town with traditional houses and open streets with small population. However the beauty of the valley is at grave risk of being littered. Already Paro town and small pockets can be seen with littered plastics, household wastes, bottles (PETT and glass). Such wastes usually come from households, shops, vendors etc. Sometimes the wastes are dumped into the Paro River without any hesitation or considering the hazardousness of the waste dumped putting the beauty of our nature in to stake. Waste is indeed a great cause of resentment to many people including the tourists who visit Bhutan with lots of expectations and hope to see the beauty in its natural form. What would be their first impression if Paro greets them with wastes? It will be a great shame for us. We need to take action to solve these problems and “NOW”! At this time DWC is trying to reduce the waste in landfill and make the best good use out of these wastes for reuse and recycle. We aim to prove that waste problem is a misconception and it can be solved through waste reduction and segregation at source. We want to demonstrate that wastes and not waste and it can be reused and recycled by attaching monetary value to it. It is our pleasure to guide our fellow citizens towards better waste management which will help us work towards fulfilling Government of Bhutan’s goal of CLEAN BHUTAN.

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Proper Household Waste Collection in Paro Town, Bhutan, through distribution of dustbins and public awareness: Towards behavioral and attitude change.