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Name: Yehuda Assraf
Organization: LBO BRH Enterprises and Investment Ltd.
Title: Founder
Food and dairy are key to social equality, the current trends of luck of protein source and depleting food resources amidst growing population and customer base for processed food require better use of the protein sources we have. leaerning that whey can be anyway from 20% to 80% utilized in different geographies was a mind boggling reality to me. we identified the different option of whey treatment based on ROI and value creation and role in overall solution to small and medium players

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Jun 30, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Recycling, Environment, Pollution, Sustainable agriculture

We suggest a whey processing for the mini dairies when it comes to treating whey, we deal with heat sensitivity in the production floor and options when it comes to treating the whey.
Whey is a major issue in cheese production and thus in the dairy. our novel solution produce cheese (ricotta).