Zuzana Stromerova

Zuzana Stromerova

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Name: Zuzana Stromerova
Organization: Birth House at Stork
Website: http://www.pdcap.cz
Title: midwife, founder of the Birth House at Stork non-profit organisation

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Health care

Zuzana Stromerov is transforming the birthing process from the expensive hospital model to a more personally tailored residential model that affords choice and greater comfort to mothers and families.

In long term perspective: women in the Czech Republic should have possibility of informed choice during pregnancy and childbirth. Every woman should have a possibility to give birth at a place, where she feels safe and with a professional she trusts (a doctor or a midwife) and who can provide her with the care appropriate to her health condition and wish.