Adonya Imports

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Adonya Imports

Ecuadorsanta barbara, United States
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Adonya offers handcrafted artisan jewelry and accessories which embody a cultural commitment to social and environmental justice for the global community.

About Project

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This world, where 2 billion people live in poverty partially due to lack of sustainable income sources, has a need for companies that provide solutions instead of problems. At Adonya Imports we are invested in more than just the beautiful jewelry and accessories we import, but the people and culture behind the craft. Many of our pieces are made from sustainable seed production in Ecuador which can be an effective instrument for reducing poverty and discouraging deforestation. According to the UN FAO Ecuador has lost 197,600 hectare of forest cover per year between 1990 and 2010. By providing a new source of income that encourages environmentally safe practices, we can provide a steady, lucrative and personally rewarding employment option that will greatly improve the lives of the artisans.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We work with artisans of marginalized communities who are unable to create sufficient income in their local markets. We believe that fair employment is the most sustainable way for people in these communities to emerge from poverty. Our aim is to provide artisans with a steady source of income, so they can shift focus from immediate needs, such as where their next meal will come from, and begin to plan for the future. Every purchase represents a step towards a better life for artisans around the world.
Impact: How does it Work

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Adonya Imports aims to have positive social impact on varying levels. Most directly, we provide the artisans we work with a chance for a rewarding employment opportunity that is sustainable all year. Many of the artisans are those previously left out of the workforce, like women and disabled. By creating more demand than their local markets can provide, we are introducing new streams of income that will not only improve the lives of the artisans and their families but also the local community, We are also committed to supporting artisans that use low impact materials. There is an art behind turning nuts, seeds and plant fibers into amazing wearable works-of-art and Adonya Imports aims to share these treasures with the rest of the world. By creating a brand that combines style and sustainability, we hope to create a rippling effect of opportunity and empowerment for the artisans and the consumers. We provide our customers with a convenient and fashionable way to contribute to positive social change. They will be attracted by the unique and practical products and will be engaged by the story and culture behind the craft.

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Adonya Imports works on the behalf of the international artisans and claims a global community. While we will work to create economic stimulation in the developing nations we import from, we will also work with local communities to raise awareness about the living situation around the world and show how we can help. Social entrepreneurship is the core of Adonya Imports and we want to show others that they can "See the Need. Be the Solution." (A phrase I want to turn into an empowerment movement). I am happy to say that this business model is currently being used by many companies; some have store fronts and even more are solely online, like Ten Thousand Villages. This means that more artisans are now able to create enough income to support themselves and their families.

Founding Story

My path is one that is just beginning, but one that I have been leading up to my whole life. I have always had a passion for helping people, a desire to make a difference but seeing where I belong hasn’t always been clear. It wasn’t until recently, that I realized how I would meet my potential; starting my own company. I started Adonya Imports with an idea in my head that has grown and developed into an insatiable desire to create not just a company, but a cause. While visiting family in Ecuador I was inspired by the impoverished artisans who find the resources to create such beauty despite the conditions in which they live. After returning to the states, I felt obligated to create something that would help these people and have a lasting impact. I dream of a world in which this socially conscious business model is how every company operates. A world full of global citizens that realize their potential to create positive change by their everyday decisions.
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Adonya Imports
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Adonya Imports

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, CA, santa barbara, Santa Barbara County

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Less than a year

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What is your long-term vision for your Venture?

My long term vision for Adonya Imports is to create a brand that represents passion, tradition and opportunity, be recognized as a leading style icon in the fashion industry and provide co-funding for innovative social improvement projects around the world.

What do you want to accomplish in your first year?

Adonya Imports’s goal for the first year of operation is to profit $60,000 after all expenses and disbursements including a $30,000 social improvement project. We will look for a first project in Ecuador, where my mom, Maryanne Chiriboga, lives and works in development. She is the Fund Raising and Program Development Administrator for a group of artisans in the rural village of Muisne in Ecuador. “Manos al Coco” has 15 participants of varying levels of commitment, many of them single mothers, a few are disabled adults, all with unstable income of less than $2,000 a year. The needs of the participants are related to the situation of poverty and lack of opportunity in the area. The over-riding need is to feel in control of their lives, to feel they have the power to improve their lives and the lives of their children. The majority of the women in this project have electric service in their homes, but clean water is and has been a dominating problem for the community. Much of the poor live in areas susceptible to daily flooding that causes an accumulation of other problems. The water that is provided by the government is bacteria laden, the wells are filled with trash and other debris, the poor are forced to resort to rainwater collection without the knowledge and practice of sanitary containment ( World Wetlands Day 2008). Children are often absent from school due to illnesses or the need to work and contribute to the family income.

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Consistently increase sales to reach 500 units per month by the end of June, including online retail and wholesale

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your six-month milestone
Task 1

Attend local networking event and events in neighboring towns each week keeping a business contact spreadsheet of people I meet

Task 2

Use social media to attract traffic to our website with the goal of at least 400 views per month starting Jan 2013

Task 3

Arrange face-to-face meetings with sales managers at possible wholesalers tracking the closing rate on a spreadsheet

Now think bigger! Identify your 12-month impact milestone

Spend $30,000 to co-fund a community improvement project and still have $60,000 cash left to use for the beginning of year two

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

Extend promotion of Adonya Imports to other counties in Southern California

Task 2

Develop a line of mens jewelry and accessories to tap into new markets

Task 3

Establish a team to travel and document the project in order to share the story

How will your Venture define success in the short term (1-12 months)?

In the short term, success will be when monthly expenses are paid for and profits are realized so we can begin to save for our first year social improvement project.

In the long-term (1 year?)

I will view Adonya Imports as successful when we are able to provide funding for entrepreneur and financial classes for the artisan groups we work with.

How will you measure success?

For me, success is not an obtainable goal, it is a mind set. I feel successful today, even without sales. I feel calm, I feel taken care of, I feel lucky. I am surrounded by amazing people who have shown so much support and love for what I am trying to achieve. Ive got this opportunity to potentially benefit communities around the world and will ultimately be getting paid to shop! While I am always looking to grow and do better, personally and in business, I am happy with where I am and know that every sale I make, small or big, is one step in the right direction.


I don't want to chase this idea of "success" my whole life when I can feel it NOW.