Crossing Borders Project

Crossing Borders Project

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Photography can be used as a tool in which citizens use the camera to create visual images that can incite an opportunity for, self-reflection, generating communication and enlighten ones’ identity and placement within a community.

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Crossing Borders Project (what it will be!)
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S. Brannon Photography

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Crossing Borders Project (what it will be!)

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Via Matteoni 7, Florence, Italy 50125

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The impact would be to generate knowledge of one to the other and to humanize the other, because they cannot visit each other due to the borders. The images and text will cross the borders and they see how each other lives.

In this case, it will be the Palestinians and Israelis. It is my hope that from this knowledge, it can soften the image of the other, and start to create a desire to know more, and open the doors of communication between the groups. Even if it is through the Web, maybe it can be a start, a seed between the two groups, so they can learn to be receptive to each others voices.

I understand that there is not enough research on the readers point of view, regarding images and stories and this project can contribute to research as well. Images are strong, voices are strong, and stronger if they come from the people themselves, rather than outsiders attempting to be the voice for others.

People in stressful situations have a need to be heard, and have a need to feel empowered to make changes in their lives. I am hoping that this can be a tool that can grow from a voice to action.

And if all goes well, the project will expand into other groups.

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

I already did one workshop, and I would like to continue with my vision to empower others towards peaceful solutions, through citizen type journalism, with the use of stories developed by the participants.

It will not only be myself who develops the idea, but the participants will have equal input on the development, and progress and direction that each workshop takes. Their input will be valued, because it is they who plays the role in the workshops and they are the ones that will need to navagate the process.

I have experience in the journalism and photography world and in multi cultural environments. I have the passion, and can remain fluid through projects. I use a participative process, in turn, it will be the participants that develop the project as it flows. It is their voice, I just want to provide the resources and encouragement to make a peaceful change in their lives.

However, I would like to find someone that can help on the internet side, to develop an interactive site, like this one, but a bit more, where the participants can post and share their images for others to see.

How much will it cost to launch your idea? (This can be an estimate)

20,000 - 25,000 including the legals to start a NGO, getting there, getting around, and producing exhibitions, and someone to help me develop a site.