EcoRealidad: Game Application

EcoRealidad: Game Application

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Creative, developmental live ongoing game-like application that awards points to users for creating and participating in the quest for real-world solutions for real ecological dilemmas. User-developers format real environmental challenges into interactive game-like scenarios. Participants from around the world offer solutions that they could create virtually and/or actually physically visit.

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Global activists from developmental projects would be encouraged to bring their challenges to the forum, and users worldwide could offer solutions or group assistance. Having trouble getting aid materials through customs? Detail your problem and the people involved, and let the global network of Realidad activists work to enlist local contacts to find the right individuals to lend aid to the problem. Building an alternative energy center in an underserved area? Credits could be awarded for finding the right combination of funding, technology and local contacts to make it happen. Many problems of real global activists could be helped though the EcoRealidad app. In the meta nature of the app, challenge designers would be able to gain recognition credits for the interactivity (akin to playability) of their offerings. Users would offer ratings as they worked to solve the problems.

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

Five years of social and ecological project development in the Dominican Republic and Haiti at El Fuego del Sol have provided unique insight into what Challenges might be the most inviting for a game-styled app. We also have extensive contacts in the world of information technology and game design who could quickly provide the software and hardware requirements to get started. Network technology providers as well as social networking sites would quickly see the benefit to this concept and would likely be some of our first sponsors for the EcoRealidad release. This concept would also be directly compatible with a concept such as our other submission in this category: Public Micro Networks. EcoRealidad would potentially be the first in a series / genre of media: SocioRealidad, UrbanRealidad, country-specific Realidads, etc. Submissions could suggest new metrics or use metrics that were previously established. The credits could create their own market economy.

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US$25,000 would be sufficient to promote the idea and obtain the required technology partners and sponsors. The actual implementation costs would be covered by the larger partners. The lease expensive method to introduce the concept would be as an app for a single platform such as iPhone/iTunes. From there it could be rolled out to other user platforms.