The Learning Village

The Learning Village

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In Haiti, we are creating Kreyòl-language educational videos and will be delivering them on portable media players (iPods) with solar chargers. We are turning mass communication into mass education and successfully bypassing Haiti's illiteracy problem. Once refined, this idea can be applied anywhere in the world!

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"Knowledge IS power" and in a country where education is reserved for a select few, the poor majority are left powerless against illiteracy, poverty, and hopelessness.

With "The Learning Village," millions of children who could not afford school will one day be able to receive an education right in their own village. At the same time, millions of adults (mothers, fathers, and grandparents) who have long-since missed their opportunity for education will also benefit. Entire communities will be given the opportunity to self-educate in a highly engaging, entertaining, and user-controlled educational experience.

iPods and educational videos... with this approach, we believe that Haiti's illiteracy rate can be significantly reduced and the overall quality of life can be improved for millions of people.

By moving information quickly, Haiti may finally experience some of the same growth opportunities that Western civilization has long experienced.

To date, we have created and tested one video, using it to gauge the level interest. The response has been overwhelming! The implications of this project are nothing short of revolutionary. Haitians are EXCITED about this idea!

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

Our team is a composite of media professionals, educators, humanitarians, businessmen, and partnering organizations. The collective network makes up literally hundreds of years of cumulative experience in Haiti. This connectivity is due in large part to the social networking site that I started in 2008, HANDS Across Haiti (, a thriving online community of both international and national aid workers in Haiti.

We are already in Haiti, working hard on other projects. So far, we have opened our administrative office in Cap Haitïen and have begun teaching Haitians to produce their own educational video content (through another program that I founded: The CIMT - This presence on the ground immediately positions us to give birth to "The Learning Village." Through careful and continued collaboration with our Haitian colleagues, our focus is to advance this new idea with the assistance of Haitian grassroots leaders, the support of our international partners, and the engagement of the socially-minded business sector within Haiti.

"The Learning Village" is not a pie-in-the-sky dream. We are dug in and fully prepared to move forward.

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"The Learning Village" is alive, but in the idea phase. We need funding to move this from the incubator into reality.

Research is critical. We are seeking a minimum of $12,500 to conduct quality, quantitative research over a period of between three and six months.

With the collected data, we will be equipped to create refined educational content that is both well-informed and culturally relevant.

Once the methods have been tested, modified, and deemed functional, we will use any remaining funds to begin creating additional educational content and will aggressively seek additional grants to promote "The Learning Village" to the masses within Haiti.

In Haiti, an average family may spend more than $300 annually to send one child to an extremely poor-quality school. With "The Learning Village," for less than $250 an ENTIRE FAMILY can be educated... and with better information. As cell phones have already proven, Haitians WILL invest in meaningful technology, thereby providing sustainability for "The Learning Village."

Along the way, documentation will be made outlining successes and failures. Upon completion of a successful model, information will be shared globally.