Love your perfect Opposite

Love your perfect Opposite

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To connect youth through debate by making applications on social networks to find your "Perfect Opposite".
Our "nomadic applications" will connect you not with "Friends" but with people who are just the opposite of who you are and what you like.

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Impact will be that social networks are used in a completely new way: to EXPLORE the world NOT as we know it. To BRIDGE political, spiritual and social diffrences of youth. To DEFRIEND but at the same time deepen your virtual contacts
To have a BASE for DEBATE on line and live and to OVERCOME predjudices.
One year of Couscousglobal, our website which lies on the base of this new idea had an impact on 1 million viewers in 120 countries worldwide. We gave lectures and workshops in many countries and were seen as changemakers in the new media. There is a big desire in our age-group to connect with "the other" on line. We are dealing with the first truly international generation, in the West, in China,India, Africa and the Middle East. The 20+generation will (have to) crate a new worldorder. Our applications will help them to find intersting partners in the rest of the world.(We connected Iranian youth and American youth, Chinese immigrants with Dutch immigrants, African students with Cambodian students etc)

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We work together with a technical partner Driebit, and with, as we call them, "ambassadors" worldwide who are already working with young people in their own countries. Also we strive to make our applications so easy that everyone participate with us wherever they are.
Why we?
Nevejan have been debating with young people worldwide for the last 7 years. First she made a TV-series(nominated for an Emmy award last year), than she created a webcommunity for a year(, selected for the IDFA as a first new media production on the largest documentaryfestival in the world). All these products were around debating and meeting the opposte. Out of all these experiences came LYPO. This last and final step will spread the idea even further through applications on existing social networks. This will ultimately create that the whole idea to be independent and autonomous. Once lauched and perfected it will hardly need any extra money since it is an application on existing networks.