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Develop a free magazine in Africa that brings empowerment to illiterate women through an entertaining graphic content. It changes the way usual media targets the market and brings ethics and visibility to brands. It has a positive social impact (maternal health,confidence, literacy and gender equality) and is applicable globally.

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We use the United Nations’s Development Goals (MDGs) as a guideline for our innovation. This socially impacting magazine will help women in developing countries to build confidence and knowledge as well raising awareness about personal & maternal health. The impact is not only about social benefits but we want the magazine to boast entertaining and propose a varied and informative content to women who will relate to this enjoyable media conceived for them. If we think about the media itself in terms of what it brings to the reader but also to the advertiser, we are convinced about the meaningful impact it will have for brands. Not only the development of this innovative advertising platform provides a social good but it enables at the same time ethics, visibility and market reach sought by advertisers targeting “bottom of the pyramid” consumers.

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We partnered with The UNIFEM, which is the women's fund at the United Nations. It provides financial and technical assistance to innovative programs and strategies by governments to foster women's empowerment and gender equality. The UNIFEM office in Ghana will assist in the provision of content topics and relay the information to stakeholders.
INSTINCT is in contact with the faculties of Media and Anthropology of the University of Cape Town to assist with the development of suitable content as well as with the validation of the underlying assumptions behind the concept.We work with Eagle Production under which they provide the publishing services for the publication of the Ghana version of the magazine. Juliet Asante, the CEO of this company is an internationally recognised media expert and is involved with organizations fighting for women's right.
INSTINCT's core value is to develop socially impacting projects. This idea is the brainchild of our CEO, Magali Bongrand. Magali identified the need for empowering women content when implementing INSTINCT’s first project in Ghanaian villages: mobile advertising billboards on tricycles that provide free school transport for children.

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We expect the project to be fully launched after the 4th edition of the magazine. The total cost of developing and publishing the first 4 numbers is estimated to 60,000 USD. We expect that 30,000 usd of these costs will be covered by advertising revenues, which leaves 30,000 usd of finance to be raised.