Media Save (savei)

Media Save (savei)

Papua New Guinea
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Using various forms of media to revive valuable storey telling art in PNG whilst encouraging a platform for expression. Initial concentration on low budget film making, radio and mobile messaging to allow rural communities participation in telling their stories about the social, economic and personal issue that complicate their lives.

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Media Save will lay the foundation and create a platform for accessible and improved social media within rural communities in PNG. Individuals/communities can be involved in discussing, informing, disseminating and highlighting ideas and information that will not only secure the existence of the simple way of life but protect it from the problems that arise with development such as health, education & security, it aims to create awareness at all levels of community development and empower individuals and communities alike to have freedoms of expressions on subjects that may otherwise never be discussed.We hope to capture & show life stories of local people to local audience to impact local awareness and also to influence policy & changes that hopefully will inspire a better world. We hope to set the stage, give Papua New Guineans a voice, in first the local then international arena, helping them tell their stories to the rest of society, bringing not just awareness but more importantly bringing about the social changes in attitudes that will protect & improve the quality of life of rural communities.

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PNG is a beautiful country with many social problems and many untold stories that need to be shared and the need to share these stories have become increasingly important to me, I am a 19 year old film student, singer, songwriter who has been presented with a opportunity of a life time to make some difference where it is really needed. I believe my Western education & skills together with being half Papua New Guinea giving me the cultural advantage and my love for filmmaking makes me the ideal candidate to showcase & introduce social media to PNG’s rural majority. I believe in working with many social partners & motivators such as my mum, villager’s leaders & communities, PNG TV networks & advertising agents. We aim to be inclusive of Government, NGO’s & Private Business & general public. Media Save is socially inclusive in approach & practice in order to ensure our success.

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Our anticipated costs to launch such a new idea in a location that has little film industry and is hard to access is hard to estimate however considering initial organization, mobilization and set up, we anticipate around 20,000 US$ to make 3 short films & radio stories in 3 different languages (PNG has over 800 languages) in 3 different Villages namely Iokea in the Gulf province, Manus in the New Guinea Islands & in The Trobriand Islands. We will use predominantly local actors and film assistance to be cost effective. Our long-term goal is to capitalize on our films & work and seek additional funding through advertising, fundraising and sponsorship for sustainability and longevity of Media Save. (Save in Pidgin English means Knowledge).