Million Acts of Peace

Million Acts of Peace

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Using short messaging services (SMS) we will launch a peace awareness campaign in Pakistan. Using SMS we can inspire, challenge and encourage people to become leaders of peace in their community, thus making peace possible.

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Using the SMS service through telephone networks and Twitter, the maximum number of people will be reached. This national campaign will transform peace from a difficult idea to an achievable outcome. By breaking down the idea of peace into small tasks and activities, it will allow anyone to become a peacemaker.

By using daily reminders, through the social networking and mobile phone applications, subscribers can ensure peace everyday. From learning a new language, to traveling to a foreign country people can share their peacemaking stories, thus inspiring others to replicate the actions and to inspire others. If everyone did one act of peace, Small acts of peace equals big change in the world. Million Acts of Peace hopes to facilitate change in the world.

Our impact plan seeks to reach out 50 000 mobile phone subscribers per month. Through social media we can reach out to another 100 000 members and using the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs we can reach out to a further ONE million peacemakers. Upon winning the award, we can replicate peacemaking in other conflict zones by simply using a mobile phone.

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

A number of organizations and persons are involved in the development of a Million Acts of Peace.
Raseema Alam, Lisa Monette, Greg Hernandez and Colonel Malik are all founders of a Million Acts of Peace. Raseema manages the social media portfolio, Lisa is the web development manager while Greg and Malik are the communications and outreach managers.
Key marketing and technology advisors include Kenley Sun and Roger Beharry Lall from Canada.
Student groups and Rotaract Clubs from around the world are helping to spread the message of Million Acts of Peace. They are the key ambassadors of the practical ideas for peace.
CyberVision International will develop the mobile phone strategies and the web content in order to launch the initiative.

I am the connector. I have brought all these stakeholders together to focus their attention on the common vision of using technology for peace.

How much will it cost to launch your idea? (This can be an estimate)

The costs of the initiative will be directed in two phases: the launch and the outreach strategies. Within those two main activities there will be two major outputs: a social media strategy and the design of a SMS application.
To reach approximately one million people within one year the cost is $6750.

To launch the website it will cost USD $ 2000. There may a variable cost of $250 depending on traffic to the website.
The development of the mobile phone application will cost USD $1250. For incoming SMS to Twitter, those charges are free of cost. For outgoing messages for one year the cost is $3000. We can send text messages in all languages in English, Urdu, Punjabi or Pashto.

There will be a graphic designer and marketing material prepared which will be approximately USD $500. There may be other variable costs in marketing and outreach in order to replicate a Million Acts of Peace in other countries.