Pioneers of the forests ( biographies )

Pioneers of the forests ( biographies )

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The idea is to set up a publication in Africa which is going to write stories about people who are 60 years , 70 years , 80 years , 90 years , 100 years and more ( the older generation ) . A magazine for African elders.

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Ohangwena forest Trust
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Ohangwena Forest Trust

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Ohangwena forest Trust

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oshakati Main Road , Tolitokini building,office no.2, oshakti

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The impact will be huge because this days we do not recognise old knowledge or indigenous knowledge as a tool to fight poverty or any other sources of evil , but there is great power in using stories told by the elders in a village and read by youngsters in another country it might just inspire them to take action or do something about their own similar situation in their specific region . For instance i had just visited my grandfather who stays in Omushiyo village in Okongo (Ohangwena region) , we sat down for hours talking about his story , which was basically his biography but becouse he is illiterate no one can writte for him what he is saying so a lot of information is lost to his village , to the world and to his relatives and descendents, and to young ones who are interested in learning about those first pioneers . the project will have an impact on the way people in africa view information and the way they treat modern information and media in general , apart from producing this written works we are going to document all of the information so that it can be available electronically to everyone through the internet and the vissual media plus radio ,The idea is for every

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We are going to develop this closely with the national newspaper in Namibia called the Namibian newspaper with the help of Mr Absalom Shigwedhta who is an indigenous journalist , the idea is that we are going to create a lot more the stories told by that generate but we are going to create a new type of media where the old become new and what is new becomes old , i have been involved in this type of research for many years and i have met a lot of interesting pioneer old people who have died and have told me their stories and those that have not told me their stories and i have seen that there was a lot of interest and curiosity to listen to biographies especially triaals and tribulation and lessons how this people have overcome this , the idea is to tell this stories in a format that is not so boring such as reading a biography but to make it more entertaining and much more creative on the part of the meadia and also to create a lot more intereactive materiaal to make sure the reader has acces to the sory teller and to the publisher as a whole .in the long run i have a much larger vission for this project and see it growing into an educational material , movies , marketing tool

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We are going need about $ 20 000 , this is going to be used to publish the first print plus transport and other logistics , the rest of the money will be covered through advertisements by those companies that are targeting this generation of people, the money will also be used to hire journalists to cary out the stories .monies will also be need to purchase computers and electronic equipment .Other costs will include stationery and other items such as salaries and staff just for the first three months upon which the magazine will become self sustaining .we are hoping that the money we are going to win from this competition is going to become the start up capital and the rest is going to be through our income generating activities , we are going to change the way media is going to inspire youth , middle aged and the very young through the eyes of the elderly .the funds will also be used to pay for rent and other running costs during the very first few months , we are already in operation but at a very small scale mainly publishing the stories for museums and archives but we want to establish a magazine , websites , videos etc for the old age in africa and by the old age in africa