Public Micro-Networks

Public Micro-Networks

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Local live discussion networks in places like airports, airplanes, universities, condominiums and neighborhoods , dedicated to finding solutions for major international problems. People could opt in to the networks when signing on through a pubic portal such as the Airport WiFi service page, or Boingo welcome screen or in-flight WiFi.

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El Fuego del Sol

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Santana Bella, Higuey

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Users would be encouraged to discuss the Current Challenge, (i.e., How can we improve education in Haiti?”). Users could start their own topics as well. The typed conversation could occur over all personal devices: cellulars, smart phones, laptops, etc. The PMN’s local nature would be a convenient ice-breaker to connect with others in your physical proximity who might share interests which would otherwise go undiscovered. Crucial international problem-solving networking connections could be made that could be continued through other means. Hours of mental solution-seeking capacity are wasted on every public transportation voyage. “Why be bored when you can help save the world?” could be the system’s slogans. The PMN service would be compatible with social networking services: twitter, youtube and facebook. PMN would be ad-supported and thus financially sustainable while working toward solutions for global problems. Users could submit challenges to be featured on all PMNs as the Current Challenge.

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

Our 5 years of international social and ecological project development history in the Dominican Republic and Haiti at El Fuego del Sol have provided unique insight into what Challenges might be the most inviting for local participation and focus. We also have extensive contacts in the world of information technology who could quickly provide the software and hardware requirements to get started. This is an idea whose time has come. Network technology providers as well as social networking sites would quickly see the benefit to this concept and would likely be some of our first sponsors for the PMN release. The inviting look and feel of the service would connect with users whether or not they chose to opt in on that particular day or voyage.

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US$25,000 would be sufficient to promote the idea and obtain the required technology partners and sponsors. The actual implementation costs would be covered by the larger partners. The lease expensive method to introduce the concept would be as an app for a single platform such as iPhone/iTunes. From there it could be rolled out to other user platforms.