Remote Diagnosis with CelloPhone and SMS/MMS Technology

Remote Diagnosis with CelloPhone and SMS/MMS Technology

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The goal is to minimize the upfront hardware and technology requirements involved in using an innovative diagnostic tool called CelloPhone a diagnostic tool that can be used to perform diagnosis of Malaria, HIV and TB.

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Diagnosis to be performed in realtime in rural areas. The establishment of a shortcode is key because it allows us to scale up and to make this tech easy to transfer to any country. Also the medical worker will only need a cellphone and the device.
1. Establish a short code in target country.
<a href="">Short Code</a>
2. The health care worker in that country would register their cell phone number by texting "diagnosis" to the short code.
3.After access is granted they could send pictures in the form of an mms/sms image to the short code.

4.An sms gateway in the United States or Europe would be connected to the short code and the diagnosis webservice

6. This result will be transmitted back to the sender via sms. The entire process should take less than 5 seconds to complete.
7. By texting the word "history" to the short code they will be able to get an sms listing of the last 25 diagnoistic result that was sent to them.

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Me and my developers have all the required skills to develop this app.
We have already connected to sms gateways that connects to shortcodes and have years of experience consuming webservices.
So see a sample sms app that we have build take a look at

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Pricing for bulk rates for sms/mms shortcode service depends on countries and how much mmms/mms is sent a month.(Special price is avail for non-profits)

Hosting the app that connects to the shortcode and the webservice can be done on
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

We think that with $60,000 we can have a solution that provides
25000 diagnosis a year - assuming that the metering on the webservice is about a $1 a diagnosis.