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This business being built...will launch when first website done. Traditional structures of publishing & catalog sales. Innovative multilingual materials for children and the adults in their lives (parents/teachers), rooted in values of cooperation, nonviolence, respect, sustainable development. I've looked, nothing quite the same out there.

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Room to Grow Educational Publishing

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Room to Grow Educational Publishing

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Starts in United States, probably move fast to other countries (interest in Brasil and Turkey). Impacts are many. Trilingual picture book(s) encourage bilingual kids to value and keep both languages. Nonviolent chase games teach safe touch, kindness, self-management and cooperation. 6 years of preschoolers learned the principles well enough from me to teach younger kids and create their own. Books & workshops for teachers provide tools and strategies to turn "problem" classes into teams. I've done it. To hear a 5 year old say to another at lunch, "remember how I pulled your hair and you hit me yesterday? let's be friends instead and have fun" is a serious impact. First product to go to families at risk of child abuse, with help on the light side. A picture book about a blue square looking for someone to play with, those different and those the same. Realistically pro-diversity, crosses cultures well, encourages math and other skills, and exists in 5 languages. US version prints in English, Spanish and Japanese; for Brasil, Portuguese, Spanish and English. Packet for families at risk includes chase games, also games to play when adults tired, kids not (about $7.50).

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Take input from everywhere, assistance when useful. Small Biz Administration here says best bootstrap they've seen. Beyond War activists want to know if I can develop a curriculum for them. Teachers/librarians/parents/grandparents/ other writers all see value. Programmer son building website. Why me? I have been gifted with a sensitivity and creativity that has let me consistently come up with strategies that work. At 51, the best impact I can have is by creating media and curriculum, and by encouraging, collecting, and presenting the work of others with similar values. The list is endless, because the ideas never stop. This business provides a forum to make a diversity of work available. Right livelihood curriculum for teens. A strategy for naptime that increases imagination and emotional literacy, the collaborative picture books that have come from the child and adult using it. Information on greening child care services, not just curriculum but sanitation and daily routines. Presenting the type of heroes and stories my grandchildren and others need, people who deal well with the challenges of climate change and live in sustainable ways.

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Plan is to raise first printing from pre-sales (470 needed to print 3,000). The biggest need is time, my time. I can work around equipment issues. I really don't need $25,000, but more like $6,000 for 6 months. A few thousand more would let me join small publishers association and cover ISBN fees, add useful office equipment. I would love to split this award with another great idea, but if I did get it, would be frugal and use it well. I will be marketing via teaching workshops and having tables at early childhood conferences, through activist groups and other networks. I have been working in early childhood for decades, as well as with people of all ages. Mentally ill, physically disabled, people with difficulties communicating, elder care and hospice. My market is all over, my contacts wide and could be better with a little time to spend on them, and I have received a great deal of respect for my work.