Worldwide Motivation "ideal empowerment"

Worldwide Motivation "ideal empowerment"

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ideal empowerment is a group set to motivate different people in the world to stand up and be independent to bringing their thoughts,ideas and dreams to reality through the use of the media while also rendering a hand to help make the world a better place.

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ideal empowerment
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ideal empowerment "worldwide motivation"

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ideal empowerment

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7 oga olasirin street olude bstop ipaja lagos nigeria

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The purpose why ideal empowerment is set is to make the world a better place by making dreams come true, impacting the people of the world through different activities they specialise in.
by creating awareness to the people of the world by partnering with telecommunication companies worldwide to create a save the world service where individuals send amount of money they each want to donate through their phone lines which goes to the save the world account.
Ideal will create a relationship of giving between countries of the world HOW?
Citizens in each country donate for people in another country for example individuals in Ethiopia donate for people in Ghana “Vice Versa”, while Brazil donates for Indonesia then china donates for Mexico “vice versa”.
Creating a global family of giving, it makes giving to the world easy and also competitive.
Every half and end of the year which is June and December, a live broadcast in participating countries will be televised to show the world what they have done for one another.A documentary for example of how people of Egypt helped kids in indonesia provide food and free education.
ideal empowerment is what the world needs .

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

Myself and and associates in ideal which are different people who are all specialised in different fields of media presentation, entertainment, event planning, motivational speaking and motivational writing who will work together to bring this project to life in any way possible.
Ideal empowerment is a motivational purposed foundation set by individuals who have fought life’s turbulent frustrations for a reason which is following your dreams. You can’t help someone out of something you have not experienced.
I am very much in love with my idea, I am married to it, and I am very determined to see thousands of lives being changed because we went out of our way to help. Thousands of people go through frustration and fight their way through while millions give up when facing the challenges of life.
Sometimes in life all that is needed to help a person get through to success might be a little push. Ideal empowerment is prepared to provide that push for millions of people all over the world to help bring their thoughts and ideas to reality.ideal will also help provide food,health care and free education to parts of the world needed through the income gained from projects

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