Writers for a Sustainable Future

Writers for a Sustainable Future

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Ecofiction can help us envision and critique changes needed to address global warming and related challenges. WSF organizes and encourages writers on a global scale. Locally, it uses creative writing as a form of discussion and visioning that can generate actual changes in the present.

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Writers for a Sustainable Future
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Writers for a Sustainable Future

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Writers for a Sustainable Future

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Book/film list bookmarks for libraries and websites to international conferences and generating support for moving into major fictional media, hopefully leading to massive and diffuse popular change.

Activist Starhawk says "Tell a different story!" and describes how a community empowered themselves re land use by "pretending" they had the power to get what they wanted.

Another example: as I work out the changes in grocery shopping in my novel, set in my neighborhood, I start to wonder what it would take to make one piece of that actually happen, and I start talking to my neighbors. it's possible the change might actually occur before I ever finish the novel!

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

I seem to be the one (so far) to make this happen because I have the vision and a certain stubborn persistence in pursuing it over the long term.
There are 29 members of the online group, from 4 continents. With some more time to work on this, I can do outreach to writers and others both locally and globally, both high school students and widely read writers. I am good at welcoming, meeting people and inspiring them. I communicate well across languages and other barriers. I am primarily an educator/people person first, writer second. In teams, I have the wide view, serve best as leader, leader's assistant or co-leader.

How much will it cost to launch your idea? (This can be an estimate)

Biggest need is time, my time. If my idea were awarded the $25,000, I would use about $6,000 for my time. This would allow me to work halftime for 6 months solid on this project. I would probably use $1-4,000 max for regional travel and ? expenses for a year to meet with people and promote this. I am used to traveling with friends, via bus, driving, staying in homes, belong to some extensive networks, and not far from all the West Coast cities. My paid employment is flexible in schedule and becoming increasingly so (moving from hospice into more workshop teaching). I would set aside $15,000 as seed money for a conference (Feb 2011?), unless I raise the conference money elsewhere. Then I might continue to cover my time...but I have written 6 grants in the past for organizations with a received rate of 5. Will use frugally and wisely regardless.