What You Can Do Here

What You Can Do Here


Enter your solution in a Challenge

Select a Challenge that is open, create your own entry, and become eligible for the following benefits. 

Win cash prizes

Enter a challenge to win awards and attract funding.

Gain visibility with potential funders and supporters

Attract global attention as part of a network of the world’s leading innovators and changemakers.

Travel to workshops, bootcamps

Prize packages include trips to innovator bootcamps and “Globalizer” workshops where you form strong, collaborative relationships with other innovators and get skills training from experts.

More Than Just a Competition -- Connect for Greater Impact:

Be part of the latest developments and trends happening in your sector

Browse Ashoka engagements to find out how partners like Intel, LEGO, and Boehringer Ingelheim are working with Ashoka to transform their sectors and figure out how you can plug in.
 Join lively Twitter chats and Google HangOuts with leaders from all sectors to share and explore innovative solutions and best practices. Access the latest developments and trends in your sector through stories, analysis, and knowledge-sharing from leading innovators and thought leaders.

Benchmark your entry against that of your peers

Click on “My Dashboard” to view a graphic display showing how your entry compares to others on four criteria: innovation, impact, sustainability, and overall. Access the profiles of other innovators operating in the same sector and similar geographies. Explore how your work complements and differs from others who are grappling with the same barriers.

Get ratings on your pitch and operating model

Click on “My Dashboard,” select “Feedback,” and click on one of your entries to read a summary of reviewers’ assessments of your entry’s strengths and areas for improvement. You will be given examples of other project pages that excel in these areas, and other projects that are working in the same area as yours.

Receive, give feedback for any entry or project

Give and receive feedback on your pitch and operating model. By entering a Challenge, you receive comments and scores on your project description from other practitioners in the space to help you think critically about, or improve, your project. The more compelling your description, the more people from whom you’ll receive feedback.

Giving feedback exposes you to other solutions that may be related to your own, so you can learn by looking critically at how other projects are structured and are pitching themselves; get ideas and strategies that improve your project’s impact and help you pitch it more effectively; and see how your work is positioned in the marketplace of solutions addressing the same problem.

Anybody can give feedback to any entry or project listed on Changemakers: log-on and look for the “Give Feedback” box in the right column. All comments are sent privately to the author of the entry or project. Send links from your entry or project to friends or colleagues, and ask them to give you feedback.

Join forces with peer entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and potential supporters

Entering a challenge connects you with private social media groups, direct messaging with those offering feedback, and ongoing interactions with the partners resourcing the broader movement.

Access tools to strengthen your project

Storytelling Guide: How to engage heads, hearts, and hands with your story, to drive change.

Pitch Guide: Strengthen the pitch you make for your project: a guide for wooing funders. Learn how to put your best foot forward.

Innovation Mapping: A hands-on crash course on changemaking, featuring a 50-minute video-led journey that helps you find ways to think more innovatively about your approach to social change, and discover entrepreneurial, new ideas for crafting a stronger project for social change.

Partner with us to drive big change

Partner with Ashoka to drive meaningful and measurable social change, and strengthen the changemaking capacity of your organization. Your organization can sponsor a challenge, or be a media or network partner.

Find and Connect with Top Innovators, Winning Solutions