Ambition Accelerator Summit

Meet the 2024 Taco Bell Ambition Accelerator Semi-Finalists!


Food For Change 


Submitted by: James C. (Taco Bell Team Member) 

Location:  Cleveland, Tennessee | United States   

Project description: Food for Change is dedicated to improving community access to food and minimizing waste. This initiative tackles significant gaps in food security and sustainability, helping individuals manage challenges related to hunger and surplus food. By leveraging a real-time inventory management app, Food for Change ensures efficient distribution, reduces waste and enhances the effectiveness of food redistribution. The project achieves these goals through strategic partnerships with retailers, the creation of robust distribution networks, and collaboration with local organizations to streamline operations. Furthermore, "Food for Change" aims to cultivate a network of community volunteers, actively engaging them in a technology-driven distribution system. 



TransformEarth: A Youth Climate Education Initiative 


Submitted by: Meera B. 

Location: Cupertino, California | United States 

Project description: TransformEarth tackles climate anxiety and its negative side effects by providing climate and climate education packets for educators. By providing young people with climate knowledge, TransformEarth gives young people the tools to “become innovators, own the narrative, and be the change they wish to see.” TransformEarth envisions to be a part of every school’s climate education curriculum.