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Next Course Dates: October 26 - December 1, 2023

The 5th edition of the Future of Business is a six-week online course offered to Ashoka's corporate partners and to the close members of Ashoka extended networks - including responsible funders, leading grant-makers, and emerging leaders working with and within the private sector.

We are proud to offer this development training to professionals eager to learn the fundamentals of social impact and use their skills to advance social innovation within their institutions.

This course has enrolled 400+ from 50+ leading companies from all around the world. These institutions and individuals are demonstrating a commitment to using business as a force for good!


Course Description

In today’s world of unprecedented change, creating space for understanding, collaboration, and social impact has become essential to a company’s survival.  In order to create that impact. Developing and fostering skills such as intrapreneurship, agility, teamwork, empathy, and collaborative leadership is increasingly important for the future of business.

At Ashoka we believe that equipping the workforce with changemaker skills is key to building an enterprise that can thrive in the competing business landscape of the future.

Ashoka Changemakers and Changemaker Companies have created a six-week online course: Future of Business: An Inter-company Course for Changemakers. This learning experience, offered to Ashoka's corporate partners, is intended to train professionals on the foundations of social impact while offering an intelligible understanding of the role of corporations in building sustainable systems. At Ashoka, we believe that equipping your workforce with changemaker skills is key to building an enterprise that can thrive in the competing business landscape of the future.

Participants earn a certificate by completing the 6 modules of the course and accumulating points, which are awarded by interacting with the platform features and with other learners. Those who go above and beyond will receive a certificate of distinction and a letter signed by Ashoka's Founder and CEO, Bill Drayton.


The Learning Journey


 This course is delivered through an online platform and requires a     minimum recommended time commitment of two hours per week.   During the course, we will have three live webinars, in which learners will have opportunities to engage with guest experts and ask questions. In order to accommodate busy schedules, we communicate live events in advance and construct a learning environment that offers participants plenty of options to explore the content most relevant to them through assignments, discussion forums, readings, and videos.

  Learners will connect with a global community of changemakers from diverse backgrounds, industries, and leadership levels, and convene to learn new strategies and approaches for creating social impact. This experience will take participants through a self-reflecting journey. Each stop presents an opportunity to further their knowledge on how the world we live in can change for the better, as well as your beliefs on their ability to generate and contribute to that change.