Changemakers United is a collective effort to support social innovators at the forefront of innovation around the world.

Ashoka is sourcing, disseminating, supporting, connecting, and scaling solutions of innovative social entrepreneurs to the most pressing challenges in the world. We do it in a four-step process.

Our Methodology

Mapping - We look for Social Entrepreneurs in our network who are generating new approaches to solve the world’s most pressing problems.
Inspiring - We communicate their work across our region to inspire, activate and potentially generate replicas.
Supporting - We find the best pro-bono support for this social entrepreneurs and connect them with funders to scale their impact
Connecting - We connect the entrepreneurs with each other and with our network of leaders from business and philanthropy

We do so by leveraging Ashoka’s global network of social innovators, as well as the partners networks, workforce, and communities they are part of.

This effort is part of broader global initiatives to support social entrepreneurs as innovators for the challenges experienced by societies shaped by the the challenges around them.

Ashoka starts by mapping solutions. Then supports the development of these solutions through pro-bono expertise and mentoring from partners in the Ashoka network. We then communicate about the solutions of social entrepreneurs with the purpose of gaining visibility and scaling them, and connected participants in the program with other potential partners and innovators around the world.

This report is a celebration of the resilience of our changemakers and their impressive impact.

Changemakers United Impact Report 2021