Based on its 40 years experience in the field, Ashoka has developed a unique partnership model with companies and social entrepreneurs, in which each organization part of the process collaborates and learns from the other partners to drive the deepest impact.

Changemaker Company partnerships, how we call them, are companies that fund the partnership and get opportunities to invest in and engage with entrepreneurs driving meaningful social change. Their employees participate in changemaking, gain skills, and ideate on how their company might play a stronger role in driving social innovation in ways coherent with their core business. On the other hand, social entrepreneurs gain access to critical resources and are supported to scale their impact and develop partnerships with multinational corporations. The outcome is a long-term, multi- stakeholder alliance that contributes to systemic change, while enabling all engaged organizations to evolve their ability to drive social impact.

In this publication, you have the chance to explore Ashoka's Changemakers Companies model and understand the key interactions of social entrepreneurs and companies that stay at the core of a successful collaboration. 

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Publication written by Jeanine Buzali, leader of Ashoka’s Changemaker Companies work in North America. She has a background in strategic change management, social entrepreneurship, and community organizing.