Activity guide for leading young from your kitchen table.

No matter where you are on your changemaking journey, everyone can be driving solutions to solve today' s most pressing challenges.

With the lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many people started feeling like they have no power to create change in their community anymore. This shouldn't be the case! With this guide, we give you the tools to find the path could lead you to know how you, as a young person, can enact change from your own kitchen table.

Before getting started, you need to ask yourself these five questions: 

  1. 'What gives me hope?' In a time of challenge, start with what motivates you about today's world. What inspires you to take action?
  2. 'Who inspires me?' We all need role models to look up to. Who in your life inspires you to create positive change?
  3. 'What opportunities already exist?' Think about what resources you have: time, talent, a social network, etc.
  4. 'Who can support me?' No matter what you want to do to create change, it is important to have allies.
  5. 'What is stopping me' The best time to be a changemaker is right now. Why wait?
Feeling inspired? Follow our guide below and start your endeavor!